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Our Services

Our Services

MSL offer INSTALLATION & MAINTENANCE of the following systems:


Engineered Fire Suppression Systems are design specific. Engineered systems are usually for installations where the system is designed for the particular application. Examples include EDP (electronic data processing), computer and clean rooms, data, communication, critical power, generating, electrical switch and UPS rooms. A number of suppression agents would be considered for each application.


The commonly known standard for fire alarm systems would be the latest edition of BS5839, however, there are a large number of future British Standards, plus associated extensions and guidance notes all relating to fire alarm systems, which should be implemented as necessary.

All existing buildings except domestic premises are subject to the Regulatory Reform(Fire Safety) Order 2005.

A fire risk assessment (FRA) will decide the appropriate British Standard necessary to provide a suitable and sufficient solution for the premises. It is essential that the fire detection and alarm system (FD&A) is subject to periodic inspection, servicing and maintenance in accordance with the aforementioned FRA and British Standards.

Installation Packages

Just a few of the projects where MSL have completed the installation, commission and maintenance albeit under sub-contract to mainstream UK fire alarm & suppression companies.

  • Iconic Lighthouse: Plymouth sound. Fire alarm & detection system protecting the tower & 4 No. gas suppression systems protecting the “Lantern Room – Generator Room (main) – Generator Room (standby) – Telemetry Room”. Installation using HD MICC cable.
  • Iconic Office Tower: London WC1. 33 story office tower with associated 9 story office building. New fire detection system throughout, complete with “zonal sounder system”, installation using LD MICC cable.
  • West London Hospital new Cyclotron Unit: Fire alarm, detection, HSSD and FM200 suppression system.
  • Data Centre Amsterdam: Multi area Argonite suppression system in association with Siemens fire detection and alarm system.
  • Global Financial institution: Fire detection, alarm, HSSD, graphics display & 700 plus inert gas suppression cylinders:
  • Global Financial institution: Replace existing closed protocol FD&A system with open protocol & graphics package control:
  • European communications centres: Paris, Frankfurt, Madrid & Malta: Fire alarm, detection, HSSD and FM200, Co2 & Inergen suppression systems.